Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mismatches: Clouds, Jungle and Battered Books

I have recently specialized in Fashion and Textiles within my Art Foundation course and I thought I would share with you my first task. The project is called Mismatches. My tutor put random words into three envelopes and passed them around the class one at a time. When each envelope came to us, we had to take out one of the words giving us three words or phrases in total. Some of the word combinations were just odd! For example, model railways, magic manuscripts, kitchen utensils, aerial photography etc. I was lucky and picked out clouds, jungle and battered books.
Once we had our three words, we took a series of 'drawing workshops' where we would make observations and sketches based on our themes. I had so much fun with these workshops! Art foundation has really pushed me out of all my comfort zones! I am known for being a very slow worker, but in these workshops you are given task after task and they have to be complete within time limits!
The next task was to create a wall installation out of objects and materials based upon our themes. This was hilarious! First of all I was like 'what does this have to do with fashion!?' but secondly, what objects could I bring for my words!? I couldn't exactly bring a cloud! I have no battered books! And jungle! What could I bring for jungle!?... I sorted myself out though. The best part was going to a charity shop, buying a classic Charlotte Bronte book and battering it until it was completely DESTROYED!! I even set it on fire outside of the studio (security were not best pleased!)... I then got to make fluffy clouds out of wadding, ripped some plants up and used them as vines (jungle) and there you go, my wall installation is finished!
Other things that we have been doing to complete this project includes, manipulating photographs, printing onto fabrics, more sketching and designing fashion ranges.. all based upon our theme. I will update you with anymore fun things that we've been up to.

P.S. Here are some sneak peaks...


  1. Wow did you draw them yourself? Because they are super pretty