Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Style Crush: Lana Del Rey..

My 'girl crush' on Lana Del Rey just keeps on growing! I'm sure you'll agree that she looks sensational as is her new album. She rocks that vintage hollywood glamour look.
She has recently embraced the cover of Vogue as well as feature inside the magazine. Her album, 'Born To Die', is set to top the UK chart lists. The girl has it all going for her.
I am hoping to get started on some illustrations and art-work of Lana Del Rey and will post them on here when i have finished, so keep checking back!
I love this photo below of Lana Del Rey in an everyday outfit and, what seems to be, her favourite jacket by Ferrari.

Her new single, and my current 'most played' song, is 'Born To Die'. Give it a listen!

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