Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week: UCA Epsom

As it is my first choice of university for next year, UCA Epsom invited me to their show at Graduate Fashion Week. We arrived 10 minutes late so thought we would have NO chance of getting in, until a bouncer saw us peeping through the window and let us in. As we arrived so late there were no available seating so we were put in the photographers section.. which was AMAZING! We were so close to the clothes and able to have a great view of the detailing. Below are a few snaps that I took on my phone (sorry for the quality. Had I have known we would be sat there I would've brought my camera!)..

We then had a quick look around the exhibition space at Graduate Fashion Week. It really did get me excited for the next 3 years of my life and my Fashion degree at Epsom! It would just be a dream come true to be chosen for Graduate Fashion Week when I finish my course! Who knows.. maybe it will become reality.