Friday, 30 November 2012


       I have discovered a new obsession with vintage machinery such as, cameras, typewriters and, in particular, sewing machines! I already have a Singer sewing machine back at my Mum's, but I have a need for more! These are some images that I have found on Pinterest....

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Annabel Xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My week in Instants...

        This week I have been concentrating a lot on getting my work ready for assessments next Monday. However, I have still had time to take some snaps! The rabbits are settling in still. We have come to the conclusion that Toby is a girl as they are having an urge to mate... potential baby bunnies on the way!! Sarah, Christal and I went back to our hometown, bringing Lauren with us to experience the nightlife! The rabbits tagged along too in the form of a bunny travel hutch, so that Sarah could show her mum! 
              Mid-week we indulged in a trip to London to meet our friend Anna. Our intent was to window shop, have some lunch and only purchase fabrics for my projects... of course that wasn't the case! We stayed there for lunch AND dinner, purchased jewellery, fabric and art materials. Plus, I could not resist the 25% off on offer at the Oxford Street Bershka store opening and managed to get a £70 coat down to £55! (pics to come)... 
              Tonight Sarah, Fiona and I all put joint effort into creating a roast dinner feast! We marinated our chicken in soy sauce, lemon, honey and pineapple juice, giving it a tropical tasting glaze. It was amazing!! Plus we had trimmings such as veg, stuffing, roast potatoes and roast butternut squash. As we produced so much food, there is plenty left over for chicken and stuffing sandwiches tomorrow!
Bill and Toby are feeling more settled now. We took them on a roadtrip home to Herts in a little bunny travel case!
My pattern cutting project. Given a catwalk image and asked to recreate it. The second image is my mock up.
My room is just one big mess of fabric, pins and pattern paper. This is what my bedroom is always like when approaching deadlines!
2 final illustrations for my design project.
The Carnaby Street and Oxford Street Christmas lights.
Selfridges Christmas window display.
Feathered steak in peppercorn sauce at Spaghetti House after shopping on Oxford Street.
Present from my Mum to our house. Cadbury is my FAVE chocolate.
Tonight we made a roast dinner with a chicken that we marinated in soy sauce, lemon juice, honey and pineapple juice... Tasted amazing! We had all the trimmings! I am so so full!

Annabel Xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Week in Instants...

              As I am yet to get myself an iPhone I do not have instagram. I have, however, substituted this with an app on my macbook called Instant. It turns your photos into polaroids, providing you with a range of filters and effects to edit them with. For only £6, it has to be one of my fave photography apps (which I spend a lot of money on!), I will post reviews of all my photography apps for you at some point.
              So this is my week in Instants....

Left: Played nail bar with Christal and Lauren. Christal is like our house beautician, she paints nails perfectly! Right: I started designing my line up for my project at UCA. More pics to come!
I spent last week in Camber with my boyfriend and his family. I bought these in a Whittard's outlet store there. Perfect gift for my housemates!!
Left: We celebrated Sarah's birthday on Weds. These are the cupcakes I made for her, complete with sparkler. Right: Sarah blowing out her princess cake. Her present was a pandora ring.
We had a house party to celebrate Sarah's birthday and also as a rather late housewarming! We have just about got the house back to its normal state after a lot of mopping on our wood floor!
Yes... we had a stripper perform at our house party! This was a surprise birthday present for Sarah. It's safe to say that she was in a complete state of shock! But everyone seemed to be enjoying the show... except maybe her brother!
As I have already mentioned, Sarah got 2 rabbits for her birthday from her work friends. Here are some recent pictures of Bill and Toby enjoying a run around our hallway. Right: Having bunny kisses!
Left: Toby relaxing after his run around. I love the way he's lying, it reminds me of my cat! Right: Bill stealing Toby's carrot whilst he sleeps! Naughty bunny!

It has been an interesting week! I hope to do more of these picture timelines for you, they're quite fun!

Annabel Xx

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Working on the mannequin...

              Here are some images from my design project at UCA Epsom. This shows the stage where I worked shapes on to a mannequin to get design ideas for garments. 

Annabel Xx