Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Week in Instants...

              As I am yet to get myself an iPhone I do not have instagram. I have, however, substituted this with an app on my macbook called Instant. It turns your photos into polaroids, providing you with a range of filters and effects to edit them with. For only £6, it has to be one of my fave photography apps (which I spend a lot of money on!), I will post reviews of all my photography apps for you at some point.
              So this is my week in Instants....

Left: Played nail bar with Christal and Lauren. Christal is like our house beautician, she paints nails perfectly! Right: I started designing my line up for my project at UCA. More pics to come!
I spent last week in Camber with my boyfriend and his family. I bought these in a Whittard's outlet store there. Perfect gift for my housemates!!
Left: We celebrated Sarah's birthday on Weds. These are the cupcakes I made for her, complete with sparkler. Right: Sarah blowing out her princess cake. Her present was a pandora ring.
We had a house party to celebrate Sarah's birthday and also as a rather late housewarming! We have just about got the house back to its normal state after a lot of mopping on our wood floor!
Yes... we had a stripper perform at our house party! This was a surprise birthday present for Sarah. It's safe to say that she was in a complete state of shock! But everyone seemed to be enjoying the show... except maybe her brother!
As I have already mentioned, Sarah got 2 rabbits for her birthday from her work friends. Here are some recent pictures of Bill and Toby enjoying a run around our hallway. Right: Having bunny kisses!
Left: Toby relaxing after his run around. I love the way he's lying, it reminds me of my cat! Right: Bill stealing Toby's carrot whilst he sleeps! Naughty bunny!

It has been an interesting week! I hope to do more of these picture timelines for you, they're quite fun!

Annabel Xx

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