Saturday, 10 November 2012

Our New House Pets...

          This week we celebrated my housemate, Sarah's 20th birthday. As a present from her friends at work she got 2 rabbits and a hutch. These have now become our gorgeous new house pets and we are already having so much fun with them! They are adorable! They came named as Bill and Toby, however we are yet to visit the find to find out their true genders. Bill is very shy and docile whilst Toby is curious and excitable. As they are still so young, they don't know how to jump properly so they just flop around - SO CUTE! Below are some pictures of them from this week...

When they first arrived...
 Christal and Bill
 Me having bunny snuggles
Sarah and Christal
 Our whole house family!
 Bill in his favourite blanket.
 Toby snuggling on the sofa.
Toby passed out on my lap.
Bill and I having snuggles (excuse my lack of make up!)

I will keep you updated with pictures of our babies :)
Annabel Xx

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