Saturday, 8 December 2012


        What I have been up to recently in pictures. The effects put on the photos were created though using the polaroid app 'Instant' for Mac. 
We have put up our student house Christmas tree! White and silver colour scheme.
New Blogger profile pictures.
Our housemate Christmas calendars! Mine is Hello Kitty.
Snuggles with our bunnies, now named Fluffy and Floppy as we have found out they're girls!
As we don't have a rabbit run for the bunnies yet, we have to give them exercise on a lead! Here is Sarah taking them on walks around the garden.
The marble cupcakes that I made.
Cutest little vintage store with tearoom, in our town centre. Called The Living Room.
Tape knit jumper - Topshop, Charm bracelet - Pandora
A night out to celebrate the end of our first term. 1 week left! At Cavendish No5 in Mayfair, London.
White crop top - Topshop, Black pencil skirt - H&M, Necklaces - Forever 21, Cuff bracelet - Morocco 

Annabel Xx

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