Monday, 11 February 2013


         Picture this... I'm mid duvet day, updating my blog and generally procrastinating from my uni work. Quickly scan over ACP's twitter account (@acrossedpaths) only to find a tweet from Wanda Nylon (@wandanylon) thanking me for the outfit I styled using one of their jackets back in January! This was lovely to find and really made my day to know that they appreciated my styling. I then wanted to find out more about their brand and their current collection. This has now turned into an obsession! I love their pieces! I just had to show you all!...
Above: Wanda Nylon's Pre-Fall'13 Collection 'Typhoon'.
What I love most about this collection is the range of textures. The mixture of quilted techniques with the shiny vinyl and clear PVC really compliment each other. I also thought that these animal/tortoise shell prints look wicked! Especially with the burgundy colours that they have styled the outfits with.

As my followers may know, I have a mild obsession with holographic/iridescent fabrics! You can view my Pinterest board HERE, to understand what I mean. So when I saw these iridescent bomber jackets I was infatuated!!! I am quite literally in awe! Also below are the transparent rain macs of which one I styled in my 'If I Was a Rich Girl' wishlist.

           Wanda Nylon are an up and coming brand with a big and successful future ahead of them! Their aim is to make rainy days a fashion statement. Their designs are fresh and innovative whist staying ecological with 90% of their products made from recycled materials. Magazines such as Vogue, Jalouse, I_D, Numero and Elle have all featured Wanda Nylon. In my opinion this is contemporary fashion at its finest.

Purchase Wanda Nylon at and Opening Ceremony.

Thankyou to Wanda Nylon for supporting Along Crossed Paths.
Annabel Xx

Images above were put together by myself using images from the websites linked.

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