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I apologize for the late post, I have a MASSIVE uni deadline! Despite this I have been keeping on top of the A/W 2013-14 collections. 
Here are the New York Fashion Week catwalks that really caught my eye...
1. REBECCA MINKOFF. Her collection stood out to me the most! It has so much to offer in the way of prints, silhouette and texture. have said that her inspiration was a quote from Neil Armstrong, "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon". This really translates through her collection as there is no limitations to one trend, there is a lot that I can pick up on. The winter neons look FAB with the big coats, especially the tweed and fur. Then a very stylish camo print appears which I am a massive fan of this season! The tartan fabrics almost look gothic with a web style finish on top and styled with leather makes it so chic. I love the colours for the tartan too, vibrant and eye-catching! Then there's the oversized silhouette pieces which almost look as though they were inspired by a space suit (linking back to Neil Armstong). All styled with irridescent cross-body bags and holographic shoes, which are 2 favourites of mine! Sorry for the essay... I just am in awe at this collection!
2. PHILLIP LIM. Phillip Lim is just a general favourite of mine. I could easily style or wear any of his beautifully crafted clothes! I particularly like this collection due to the rich colours and textures used. In the first image I have put together you can see more neutral tones with accents of tan and gold. I love the camo effect used on the fur! The diagonal zips are something I'm thinking of customising my own clothes with! In the second image the general feel of the clothes is more luxurious. I'm rather obsessed with the coated knitwear.
3. ALEXANDER WANG. Another designer favourite of mine. Wang always seems to get his collections spot on and jaw-droppingly amazing! What really stood out for me at NYFW was his camo style burn-out fabric. So wearable yet so striking! 
4. JEREMY SCOTT. I love how outrageous Jeremy Scott is! His collection is so crazy yet beautifully made and well put together. I am a particular fan of the zips on the patent skirt, I really want to put zips in my own clothes! Plus the slogan 'adults suck, then you are one' is just brilliant and SO true!
5. RACHEL ROY. A gorgeous collection, but these really caught my eye! I'm a bit baroque print obsessed at the moment, as it's a main theme in my current design project, so instantly I was drawn to the gold print on the bomber jacket. I also love the leather skirt. It almost looks raw and unfinished.
6. SACHIN & BABI. ......The coat. I NEED IT! I love the faded tweed fabric, it is just stunning! I am just in awe of it's beauty! I am also a fan of the exquisite beading on the classic style dress. The asymetric, patent belt is a gorgeous touch.
7. MALANDRINO. As you may know as much as I love accented colours, I'm really a monochrome sort of girl. So the black leather garments from Malandrino's collection stunned me. I adore the textures in the leather as well as the oversized cut of the clothes. The coat on the right is very 'grim-reaper-chic'!
8. RED VALENTINO. I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole and found myself in Wonderland! Absolutely exquisite prints from Red Valentino. My favourite look is on the left, I think the print is so dainty and beautifully contrasting with the black and beige. The bright turquoise colours against the navy were also a definite eye-catcher.
9. MARC JACOBS. A very luxurious collection from Marc Jacobs. I could imagine the models had just stepped off their private jet and were on their way to a glamorous event. Metallics, sequins and lots of fur seemed to be the running theme.
10. CALVIN KLEIN. Finally, I was very impressed with the gorgeous cut of each outfit in Calvin Klein's New York show. The use of leather was stunning, in particular the left hand outfit. It almost looks like tartan using leather! It's magnificent! 

I hope you agree with my views! Share with me your thoughts!

More Fashion Week reviews to come as we are currently mid-London Fashion Week!

Annabel Xx

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  1. OMG, those collections are amazing! thank you so much for putting them together for us, Annabel;-)))