Thursday, 28 March 2013


So the other day my housemate and I were sitting around bored, generally procrastinating from our uni work and came up with this great idea to make clutch bags! We brought all our left over fabrics from uni Fashion projects and started to work out what would look best together. She started making 2 different bags and then got bored! However, I stuck with this one and saw it through to the end! Here are the results and I'm pretty proud! 
I have loved the transparent clutch trend thats been around this season so that was my starting point. I was able to pick up a metre of clear PVC from Shepherds Bush for £2! I then decided that it needed more colour. So I made a second clutch bag out of some left over pink neoprene and layered one side with orange mesh. I then sewed the two bags together at the sides and added zips. The result is a double clutch bag! It's great for a night out because you can use either side to co-ordinate an outfit!

I hope you like it! Maybe I should be an accessories designer instead!?...

Annabel Xx

Photographer - Lauren Bird


  1. Lovely clutch but i am worried because it is see through! What if you've got something personal in it?! x

    1. That's why I made a pouch at the back from fabric so that you can hide personal items :) x