I am a Fashion BA(Hons) Student at the University of Creative Arts in Epsom. As I am so close to London, I spend a lot of my time there, mainly in Soho collecting fabric for my uni projects! Fashion is all I talk about, thats whats so amazing about going to a fashion university, everyone has a common interest and don't get bored of me rabbiting on about my favourite trends or catwalk shows. I enjoy listening to other people's opinions on fashion too.
        My ultimate aim is to create my own clothing label. However, with a competitive industry I understand I'm not just going to be handed such an opportunity! Therefore, I hope to get a masters degree and then work my way up.
           In this blog I will talk about trends, styles and techniques that I hear about at uni. Also, I will showcase my own work and photography either from university or personal. I would like to get into more personal style as well as outfits that I will put together based on trends. I don't just review fashion topics though, this blog is also for beauty, lifestyle and my general thoughts. I want this blog to be like my online scrapbook!
          I am open to any thoughts, opinions or requests that you may have so please be sure to let me know in the comment boxes! I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Contact details coming soon! Open for reviews on products or companies. I am also interested in doing commission work for either my photography, illustrations or designs.

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